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  • Creates cohesion between players, parents and coaching staff.  
  • No more politics when it comes to player selection for higher level teams - either they accomplished their PDI Badge or they did not.  
    • New Players will be identified at tryouts, but must maintain their PDI Badges in order to stay on a higher level team if/when selected.  
  • Helps player not only develop into good soccer players but also teaches them responsibility and help build confidence.  
  • Takes the focus off of game performance and more on individual player development
  • Increases a player's motivation to work and development on their own.  
  • Teaches goal setting and keeps the process simple for players and parents.  
  • Everyone is involved in the players development:  Coaching Staff, Parents, and Players.  
  • Benchmarks / Assessments are clearly defined and they are age appropriate or scaleable based on a player's age.  
  • Allow players to set their own development path and goals.  
  • Makes it easier for parents, players and coaching staff to identify where players need to improve.
  • Positive peer pressure