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Program Overview



Program Overview


***This is an overview of our PDI Program - some details about our program or proprietary to BFC Members and Staff - if you have further question please contact our Director of Coaching.

Buffalos FC is committed to living up to our MISSION STATEMENT - How many youth soccer clubs have a great mission statement, but rarely live up to it.  We want to simply do better.

Tired of NOT knowing if your child is going to be selected for a higher level team each year?

Our PDI Program is a unique way of helping youth soccer players progress to a higher level team and most importantly it is at their own pace.  We take the (4) four major components of the game (Technical, Tactical, Mental & Physical) and created a development program with clear benchmarks based on a player's age.  Player now have "small goals" they work towards to achieve a "large goal" call a PDI Badge.  PDI Badge levels are Select, Elite, Premier Showcase.  Players who earn PDI badges are then selected / eligible for a higher level team.  


  • Creates cohesion between players, parents and coaching staff.  
  • No more politics when it comes to player selection for higher level teams - either they accomplished their PDI Badge or they did not.  
    • New Players will be identified at tryouts, but must maintain their PDI Badges in order to stay on a higher level team if/when selected.  
  • Helps player not only develop into good soccer players but also teaches them responsibility and help build confidence.  
  • Takes the focus off of game performance and more on individual player development
  • Increases a player's motivation to work and development on their own.  
  • Teaches goal setting and keeps the process simple for players and parents.  
  • Everyone is involved in the players development:  Coaching Staff, Parents, and Players.  
  • Benchmarks / Assessments are clearly defined and they are age appropriate or scaleable based on a player's age.  
  • Allow players to set their own development path and goals.  
  • Makes it easier for parents, players and coaching staff to identify where players need to improve.
  • Positive peer pressure


Step 1:  PLAYER JOURNAL:  All players are provide a BFC Player Journal when they join the club - the purpose of the player journal is to help players maintain their goals, communicate with coaching staff and record progress throughout the seasonal year.  

Step 2:  iSOCCER APP:  All players are provided assess to iSOCCER and app where they can track all 16 assessments and their progress. 

Coaching staff can assign homework using this app, identify what areas a player need to work on, etc.  This app also provides instructional videos for players and parents to better help them work on their skills at home.  

The iSOCCER app also has much more than the 16 assessments and help players with advance skills etc.  

Step 3:  GET TO WORK:  Players will spend the summer, fall and spring seasons working on the "small goals" or benchmarks based on their age.  

More than just "on the field" instruction:  (3) ways our coaching staff communicates with our players:  

  1. On the Field coaching staff will work with players throughout the year on their assessments/benchmarks
  2. Review and communicate with players using their journals
  3. Use the app to assign homework and evaluate where players may need help or identify where players are excelling.     

Step 4:  APPLICATION / EVALUATION:  Once a player has accomplish their Technical, Mental and Physical goals a player will submit their application electronically to the Director of Coaching before the deadline so they can receive their Technical evaluation. 

Another purpose of the Technical Evaluation is to better prepare our players for ID Camps and the College Recruitment process.  

Points are calculated and if a player earns enough points to earn their "next" PDI Badge then it is awarded and presented at our Annual Meeting or other Club Events.  

Step 5:  ACCOMPLISHMENT:  Awards Ceremony and presentation of badge.  Player then put the badge on the sleeve of their jersey and are eligible to be promoted.  

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