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Buffalos FC Competitive Soccer Program

Buffalos FC Competitive Soccer Program is for Boys & Girls 11U-19U.   The teams promote themselves to a higher level of play each year, within AAYSA or WDDOA. All Competitive Teams will participate in the STYSA State Cup in the Spring (STYSA South Texas Cup, Directors Cup or Presidents Cup).   

All Competitive Players sign a one (1) year player agreement when joining the club.
*If you are interested in joining a BFC Team at the competitive level and you can only commit to a Spring or Fall Season you need to contact our Director of Coaching.



  • 11U-12U Boys & Girls (9v9) - Div II (AAPL)
  • 11U-12U Elite Boys & Girls (9v9) - WDDOA

FULL FIELD (11v11)

  • 13U-15U Boys & Girls (11v11) - Div II (AAPL)
  • 13U-15U Elite Boys & Girls (11v11) - WDDOA 


  • 16U-19U Boys & Girls (College Prep) - WDDOA/SCL

Player Placements

Current BFC Players Only

Buffalos FC has a developed a training program which is designed to remove the soccer politics of the Player Placements process and to create a learning environment which puts the player in the their own driver seat.  Players get to learn at their own pace, players work to earn a BFC PDI Badge by end of a seasonal year (Fall & Spring), then players are placed on a team equal to their PDI Badge Level:  Select, Elite, Premier, or Showcase.  Click on Player Development Pathways to learn more about PDI Badge Levels and what is involved with each level.   

PDI (Player Development Initiatives) Important Dates:
Dec 3-5, 2018:  PDI Assessments Days
Dec 10-13, 2018:  PDI Assessments Days (Rain-out Days)
Jan 16-17, 2019:  PDI Assessment Days
Feb 18-19, 2019:  PDI Assessment Days
Apr 12, 2019:
  Last day to have a Final PDI Assessment completed for the 2018-2019 season.  
Apr 26, 2019:  Player Placements Roster Announcements (Based on PDI Assessments)
May 10, 2019:  BFC Player Placements Roster Acceptance Deadline to Guarantee Roster Spot for 2019-2020.

***Current players who accept their player agreement for 2019-2020 are still required to attend tryouts so we can evaluate the new players with our current roster.  

How are BFC Competitive Teams Formed?

The BFC PDI Program was created so players can learn at their own pace.  We have defined clear benchmarks based on the ages of players, this allows coaching staff to work with individual players on their personal development goals and maintain rosters with players with like skill sets.  This program was also designed to keep politics out of the player placement process.  If a player wants to play on a higher level team they just need to pass the skills assessment for a higher PDI Badge level and they will be placed accordingly - it is that simple.

The BFC PDI program teaches players more than just the game; how to set personal goals, how to manage their personal time, prepares players for ID Camps and Showcase Tournaments, the importance of school and GPA, even gets players involved with their family social structure and more. Click on Player Development Pathway to learn more. 

Buffalos FC Competitive Teams

Select | Elite | Premier | Showcase

Competitive Teams - 2019-2020

SELECT | ELITE LEVEL:  Players at this level will be working towards their Select/Elite Badges
11U & 12U Boys & Girls:  two (2) teams per age group and gender.  One (1) will be an Elite Team and the other will be a developmental team.  Only players who have earned an Elite badge or higher are qualified to be placed on the Elite team prior to tryouts.  Full Roster: 14-16 players.   

ELITE | PREMIER LEVEL:  Players at this level should be working towards their Premier Badge
13U-15U Boys & Girls:  two (2) teams per age group and gender.  One (1) will be and Elite Team and the other will be a developmental team.  Only players who have earned an Elite badge or higher are qualified to be placed on the Elite team prior to tryouts.  Players at this age level should be working toward their Premier Badge.  13U-15U Roster Size: 16-18 players | Max Roster: 18 players | Except: 15U Max Roster Size: 22 players

PREMIER | SHOWCASE LEVEL:  Players at this level should be working towards their Showcase Badge
16U-19U High School Boys & Girls:  two (2) teams per age group and gender.  One (1) will be a Premier Team and the other will be an Elite team.  Only players who have earned an Premier badge or higher are qualified to be placed on the Premier team prior to tryouts.  All Junior/Senior HS players should be working towards their showcase badge at this level of play.  Roster Size: 16-18 players | Max Roster:  22 players

New Player / Tryout Information

New Player(s) will be invited to join a team based on their tryout performance and previous experience.  Tryout Player(s) will perform a select number of the BFC PDI Assessments during the tryouts and players will be evaluated in game like situations.   During tryouts coaching staff will evaluate players on the four (4) components of the game:  Technical, Tactical, Physical and Mental. Each tryout session is approximately 1-1.5 hrs long.  Click on Tryout Information to learn more. 

  • Technical - ball control, passing, shooting, dribbling and more.   
    • Players will rotate among "PDI stations" while interacting with coaching staff, PDI stations / assessments will vary based on age. 
  • Tactical - decision making, creating oportunity & field awareness (by position)
    • Players will participate in small sided games using realistic training situation 
  • Physical - speed & agility, quickness, strength and using it to your advantage 
    • 1 PDI Assessment (iSoccer)
  • Mental - coachability, positive attitude, dealing with adversity & performing under pressure

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